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Somerset born Marion studied at the Somerset College of Art, after completing the first year Foundation Course she specialised in Textile Design, whilst continuing to follow her first love, Fine Art.

After three years Marion gained a Regional diploma in Textile Design and became a Licenciate of the Society of Industrial Artists and Designers in 1975.

In the late 1980s Marion worked as a Colourist hand tinting Antique and Reproduction prints and maps. She has also worked for her local Museum cataloguing their Fine Art Collection, as well as producing a number of illustrations for them.

Marion has also been employed as a freelance writer and illustrator for various publications, including the Dorset Magazine and Dorset Life and her paintings have been used for the cover of the Dorset Magazine and the annual Brid Lit Festival.

Marion now concentrates on painting, her preferred media being Gouache and Acrylic and most recently Collage. She is influenced both by her textile training in colour and design and by the colours, patterns and rhythms found in nature. Most of Marion's inspiration is drawn from her beloved Dorset and the hills and valleys which surround her West Dorset home.

 Colmer's Hill - One Artists Obsession, shows how 22 artists have portrayed the iconic landmark.

Marion's studio is located near Bridport where she is a regular participant in Dorset Art Weeks and Bridport Open Studios

A couple of years ago Marion was thrilled to be asked to appear in Julia Bradbury's T.V series Walks with a View when she was able to share her love of Colmer's Hill.